Wednesday, November 23, 2011

River Ops on 23.11.2011

Anglers: Dave, Jack, Sam and Steven

Buddy & I decided to embark on river ops to test out our newly acquired setups - Majorcraft KG Lights with Exsence C3000M and Megabass LIN 258HM.

Lining up

Rod: Majorcraft KGL PE 0.4-1
Reel: Megabass LIN 258HM
Line: Spiderwire Stealth Red #8lbs
Lure: Madai 15g

Screeecchinnggg fight from this 2.5kg grouper on U.light tackle

Barramundi strikes!

Look inside the mouth!

They never fail to impress with their surface jumps

Greedy mouthful

Overall haul which were brought back to satisfy the anglers' stomach

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Southern Waters on 20.11.2011

Anglers: Derek, Dave, Mark, O'man, Sam & Zach

A trip filled with "Jig... Jig... Jig" action.

Jig: Jackall Laser Jig 20g

Jig: Jigging Master Taikabura Power Jig Diamond Eye 60g

Rod: Majorcraft Giant Killing PE0.8-2
Jig: Maria Oiran 80g

Double hookup on Maria Oiran 80g by the 2 Ah Laus- Zach & Derek

Jig: Maria Oiran 80g

They just love Maria Oiran!

Nice sized grouper by Sam

Maria Oiran ends the day with a beautiful 3kg snapper on Derek's new rod - Majorcraft Giant Killing PE1-3

Champ of the Day !

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sarawak Kuching 24.03.2011 to 29.03.2011

Anglers: Ah Chwee, Steven, Simon, Vivian, Mark, Dave, Derek, O'man, Andrew and Sam

Resting area...

Derek with his good sized grouper

Beautiful shots during sunset hour

O'man with both of his prized catches ~ 6kg ea. landed by his JMs

Nice reds...

Rod: JM PE 0.8-3
Reel: Daiwa Hyper Certate 3500
Line: YGK Jigman X8 PE3
Jig: JM 80g

5lbs golden snapper landed by Derek
Rod: Seed PE 3-6
Reel: Accurate 400XNN
Line: Jerry Brown #40
Bait: Sardine

This mackerel left Derek a broken rod...

Big one underneath...

Landed!!! A 17kg+ mackerel...

Rod: Seed PE1-3
Reel: Daiwa Ryoga C2020 PE-H
Line: YGK Power Hunter PE2
Bait: Sardine

Simon trying to hang himself...

O'man & Dave

Sam & Dave

Steven, a happy fisherman

Sarawakian Ah Long & Dave

Andrew - I like this pose!

Lady boss & Dave

Dave & his monster mack

Looks like an alligator from this pic

Derek & Dave

Overall catches & great great company makes up a fantastic trip for 2011 :)